Kristina Godinez
Project Associate
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In her role as DWC Project Associate, Kristina Godinez applies her extensive experience in receiverships to support of the firm’s project and receivership teams. Having worked previously in the receivership industry, Ms. Godinez brings six years of experience as a paralegal, project manager and administrative support in cases spanning state, federal and bankruptcy courts.

Ms. Godinez has served as a project manager in a variety of receivership cases and is well versed in e-filing across the court system. She provides support during initial case appointments including filing required records and completing administrative duties such as taking inventory. Her most significant case to date was a receivership brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission against the operators of a $25 million Ponzi scheme falsely promising high annual returns with minimal risk to investors. Her work in the case involved identifying all investor victims, serving as the designated point of contact for investors, recovering missing investor statements, and providing data and account analysis. She is versed in many receivership functions such as transferring accounts, maintaining records and contacts, and mass mail distribution and communications.

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