Douglas Wilson Companies (DWC) is providing accounting services for the assigned Trustee.

Project Description

A provider of investment and insurance products to a network of physicians.

Scope of Work

DWC has administered a complete analysis of all revenues and expenses of Xelan’s entities since its bankruptcy. DWC is performing a true-up and separation of multiple commingled accounts between the estate and the operator of the business, who was acting under a Business Asset Preservation Agreement. Throughout the process, DWC has managed the depositing of cash receipts, completion of source and application of fund schedules as well as financial reporting to the Trustee. DWC assisted the Trustee during the sale of Xelan by providing an accurate accounting and separation of the operating results of the various entities involved.

Project Resolution


Project Name



United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of California



Service Provided


    Douglas Wilson Companies was founded in 1989 to provide a wide range of specialized business, workout, and real estate services to law firms, state and federal courts, corporations, partnerships, pension funds, REITs, financial institutions, and property owners throughout the United States.


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