A 1,200 lot planned single family home subdivision. Located on over 200 acres, the project included 91 sold homes, 76 partially completed homes, 278 graded lots stubbed with utilities, an additional 364 mapped lots, and additional raw land.    

Project Description

Douglas Wilson Companies (DWC), agent for Receiver, was tasked to protect, preserve, and manage the real property including the project’s ongoing construction, entitlements, and the Homeowners’ Association (HOA). 

Scope of Work

DWC engaged third party contractors and consultants to assist with the management and protection of the property, access the costs necessary to complete the unfinished construction, understand the property’s operational obligations, and help preserve the property’s entitlements.  Operational and marketing budgets were prepared to outline the costs to operate and sell the property. DWC compiled the necessary due diligence information for the marketing and sale of the property. Additionally, DWC governed the developer-controlled HOA ensuring that the association was in compliance with all state and regulatory laws.

Project Resolution

The property was sold and the Receiver discharged.

Project Name



Circuit Court of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida


Port Saint Lucie, FL

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