As part of a large mixed-use development, the property consists of one (1) four story office building (107,391 square feet), one (1) restaurant building (7,227 square feet) and excess land currently being used as surface parking.

Project Description

Douglas Wilson Companies (DWC) was tasked to take possession and control of all real and personal property known as the Rainbow Sunset Pavilion. All properties were vacant of any tenants due to neglect by the owner.

Scope of Work

DWC managed the day-to-day operations of the buildings. In order to facilitate continued occupancy, DWC had to reinstate all building services/amenities terminated by the owner. Additionally, DWC negotiated a letter of intent with a major tenant to occupy 60% of the building.

Project Resolution

The receiver was discharged.

Project Name

Rainbow Sunset Developers, LLC


Eighth Judicial District Court, Clark County, Nevada


Las Vegas, NV

Service Provided

    Douglas Wilson Companies was founded in 1989 to provide a wide range of specialized business, workout, and real estate services to law firms, state and federal courts, corporations, partnerships, pension funds, REITs, financial institutions, and property owners throughout the United States.


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