Forum Shops is a 37,000 square foot retail center located on 4.24 acres of land in Winter Haven, Florida.

Project Description

Douglas Wilson Companies (DWC), agent for Receiver, was tasked to take possession and control of all real and personal property associated with the development. As consultant, DWC was appointed to supervise, manage, operate and maintain the property.

Scope of Work

During the Receivership, DWC provided management, maintenance, and preservation services for the property. In doing so, the Receiver processed payments for all operating and maintenance expenses, collected tenant lease payments, performed budget preparation, monthly accounting and reporting services. DWC retained the services of Shaw-Barton Properties, Inc. to market and lease the unoccupied units. After the sale of the Forum Shops, DWC was discharged as Receiver and asked to stay on as a Consultant in order to continue to provide management, maintenance and preservation services for the property.

Project Resolution

The Receiver was discharged.

Project Name



Circuit Court of the Tenth Judicial Circuit, Polk County, Florida


Winter Haven, FL

Service Provided


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