The Anglo Irish Portfolio consists of 18 properties located throughout California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Texas and Virginia, totaling over one million square feet of commercial office, retail and industrial buildings; 173.24 acres of land; and two single family residences. The bulk of the properties were entitled and planned for large mixed-use developments, such as the 4.5 million square foot Westwood Station in Boston, the one million square foot New City in Chicago, and the one million square foot Eisenhower Gateway in Alexandria. Also included in the portfolio is the Hollywood Palladium, a 62,000 square foot historically designated theatre that is currently used for a variety of high profile music concerts, special events and award shows.

Project Description

Douglas Wilson Companies (DWC), agent for Receiver, was charged with taking possession, custody and control of the assets.

Scope of Work

DWC worked to preserve and protect each of the assets, even as the note was purchased by a new entity midway through the receivership. DWC continued to perform as the Receiver, operating the properties, renewing leases, preserving entitlements, working with local governments and providing third party market research.

Project Resolution

Each project had a different successful resolution which included receivership sales, trustee sales and discounted payoffs.

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California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Texas and Virginia

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    Douglas Wilson Companies was founded in 1989 to provide a wide range of specialized business, workout, and real estate services to law firms, state and federal courts, corporations, partnerships, pension funds, REITs, financial institutions, and property owners throughout the United States.


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