Ryan Baker
Senior Managing Director

Ryan Baker has extensive regulatory receivership, operating company and real estate receivership experience. He has been appointed on or managed 80+ Receiver, Provisional Director, Trustee and Partition Referee cases. These projects and appointments include regulatory matters, operating companies and real estate.

Mr. Baker has been involved with assisting in a number of regulatory receivership appointments originating from the Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of Justice and State Courts. Mr. Baker has directly managed the operations and provided financial oversight for companies and properties with gross revenue ranging from $700k to $15 million. His experience includes management, financial oversight and forensic accounting.

In the real estate arena, Mr. Baker has managed a wide variety of residential and commercial properties ranging from a four-plex apartment building in Missouri, to a 40-unit retail center, to a 180,000 square-foot commercial building in central California. The duties involved with these properties varied depending upon the Court’s direction. Tasks ranged from the simple collection of rents to the more involved forensic accounting of books and the oversight of ground lease and sale negotiations. At the Court’s direction, Mr. Baker has sold and managed residential and commercial properties ranging from the straightforward to the complex. His responsibilities included forensic accounting of books, and the
oversight of rents, ground leases, and sale negotiations.

Mr. Baker earned an MBA at the University of Southern California and an undergraduate degree in Economics from New York University. He currently participates in receiver and insolvency education courses sponsored by the Forum and Loyola Law School.

Project Highlights

Otay Ranch Senior Living

A 111 unit assisted living and memory care facility valued at $31,000,000. Ms. Vives is responsible for the land procurement,
entitlement, project financing and construction management. The project will be completed in
Fall 2018.

Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation (JCNI)

JCNI has a goal to sustainably redevelop 50 acres in southeast San Diego, while providing essential services, housing, and commercial and service enterprises to the communities it serves. Ms. Vives heads the DWC team that is currently acting as a third-party real estate advisor for the foundation. This role includes land and real estate valuation, development of a Master Plan, project feasibility, identifying market opportunities, working with the City of San Diego to create developer incentives, and the development of related real estate deployment strategies.

Wyndham Bayfront Hotel

A 600 room hotel and retail redevelopment valued at $92,000,000. Ms. Vives works with the Project Owner to facilitate lease negotiations, community outreach and public support through the Port of San Diego.

USS Midway Museum

A 5.7 acre elevated community park project with parking at grade valued at $75,000,000. Ms. Vives worked with the USS Midway, the Port of San Diego and the community moving the project forward through a public-private entitlement process.

Broadway 655

A 650,000 square foot office development valued at $215,000,000 that focused on iconic design, integration of parking and transit, and novel green-building technologies. Ms. Vives worked with the development group at the final stages of completion and upon sale of the building.


Professional Affiliations

Urban Land Institute (ULI)

Community Outreach

Surfrider Foundation

Habitat for Humanity

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