Managing Real Estate’s Next Wave of Change

by admin on September 17, 2018

An Economic Cycle Within Its Own – The Looming “Silver Tsunami”

No matter which way the economic wind blows, one fact is irrefutable: America’s aging population is poised to influence the real estate sector as it transitions trillions in real estate wealth to its heirs.

The impact of the “Silver Tsunami” is poised to impact all asset classes as families and businesses grapple with this unprecedented transfer from America’s “wealth acquiring” generation. Complex issues of ownership, control, management and disposition loom ahead… and nobody wants to go to court.

DWC is now providing confidential leadership in the process of legacy asset management, working hand-in-hand with existing advisory teams of legal, financial and trust professionals to maximize value of real estate portfolios for the future generations. We are currently assisting some of the region’s most prominent families to collate the aspirations of all stakeholders with the assets of its real estate portfolios.

“Having a steady hand to navigate the transition and to manage the new business plan is imperative for the future recipient generations,”  notes John Morrell, President of DWC,  “Using DWC’s deep history in all asset classes of real estate and associated operating entities provides great value to our clients.”

To discuss how DWC Legacy Asset Management might assist you or your clients, please contact John Morrell at (619) 906-4330.

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