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by DWC Team on May 27, 2016


“The relationship between JCNI and DWC has grown into a meaningful commitment to assist in seeing JCNI’s vision come to fruition.  Their talented staff have been instrumental in developing this vision and working closely with us to begin the implementation process.”

– Douglas Wilson

DWC is currently acting as a third-party real estate advisor for The Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation (JCNI) in collaboration with local residents, the City of San Diego and Community Stakeholders, to redevelop approximately 50 acres of land over the next five to ten years, thereby creating a new Market Creek Town Center (“Town Center”) in the heart of the Encanto Neighborhood. JCNI has a goal to sustainably redevelop the land while providing essential services, housing and commercial and service enterprises to the community it serves.

The planned Town Center (pictured above, courtesy of BNIM) will be composed of development nodes that will serve to enhance and revitalize the community JCNI serves. Developments will include neighborhood-serving retail, place-making commercial, mixed-income residential, relevant community facilities, public open space and sustainable infrastructure improvements. Additionally, this Town Center will serve as a transit-oriented hub of community activity with the second busiest trolley and intermodal bus transit station in San Diego, located at the corner of Euclid Avenue and Market Street. DWC will be facilitating master planning, project evaluation, entitlement, financial modeling and land brokerage.

Concurrently, DWC, JCNI, Rick Engineering, and the City of San Diego have been working closely on the development of a Complete Streets design for the Encanto Neighborhood. The Market-Euclid Complete Streets Project consists of public street enhancements to improve the safety and mobility for public transit, vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian uses. The project is located in an area within the City of San Diego’s Encanto Neighborhoods Community Planning Area and is focused around the Market Creek Town Center. Specifically, the limits of the project include Market Street from 47th Street to approximately 1300 feet east of Euclid Avenue and Euclid Avenue from Naranja Street to Guymon Street.  The project proposes to widen or replace approximately 56,000 square-feet of sidewalk, widen Market Street to allow for proposed raised landscaped medians and additional on-street parking, and to provide landscape improvements that include 213 additional trees. Complete Streets is scheduled to be under construction by the 3rd Quarter of 2017.

Euclid Avenue – Before & After:Euclid Ave -Jacobs Center-Before

North Market Street – Before & After:N Market Street Before and After(Above renderings courtesy of Rick Engineering)

If you have questions about a potential matter, please do not hesitate to contact Michele Vives at (619) 906-4376.


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