October 2011

On October 17, 2011, Douglas P. Wilson was appointed as Receiver of the Eisenhower Lane in Alexandria, Virginia. The project consists of a 113,026 square foot vacant building and approximately 2.9 acres of vacant land.

On August 2 2011, Douglas P. Wilson was appointed as Receiver of Royal Gorge, one of North America’s largest cross country ski resorts, with the task of preserving and operating the ski resort and Rainbow Lodge bed & breakfast with the goal of eventually selling the property.

This property faces a unique challenge in that it is integrated with other non-receivership properties and operations. The first task is to segregate the operations while not disadvantaging either the receivership or non-receivership businesses. Tremendous coordination and cooperation is necessary between the Receiver and property owner, and DWC has been successful in establishing good working relationships with the property owner to achieve this.

DWC has prior successful experience with lodging and resort properties, including ski/winter sport resorts such as Tamarack, a 7,000 acre four-season resort and residential community with skiing, snowboarding, golf, white-water rafting & boating; Shanty Creek a 4,500 acre golf resort with 3 hotels, 4 golf courses, 2 ski mountains, a convention center and hundreds of condominiums and custom home sites; and Wigwam Resort & Spa, a 500-acre resort and spa with 331 rooms, three 18-hole golf courses, tennis courts, award winning dining and 43,000 square feet of meeting space.

DWC’s broad talent pool and business infrastructure has the depth to properly and efficiently manage and address the receivership and property operating needs. DWC’s brokerage group, which is engaged to sell the property, has a long successful track record of success, with over 2 billion dollars in closed transactions and more than 95 combined years of experience in the business. The team also has extensive experience handling sales that are subject to court approval. The team has taken well over fifty sales to court for approval and never had a sale disapproved by the court.

DWC’s goal is to operate the receivership businesses through a successful 2011-2012 ski season, maintain the resort’s high profile in the community in a strong positive light, and market, sell and close the sale of the property at a healthy value sometime mid-2012 or sooner.